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Nieuws: Planet Coaster Vintage Pack nu beschikbaar!

Berichtdoor Robin » di 10 jul 2018, 11:43


De Planet Coaster Vintage Pack is vanaf vandaag verkrijgbaar op Steam. Dit pack is aan te schaffen voor €10,99 en bevat nieuwe achtbanen, flatrides, veel scenery, nieuwe blueprints en nieuwe audio.

Naast de Planet Coaster Vintage Pack is ook gelijk de nieuwe update verschenen. Deze gratis update voegt onder andere de vending machines en nieuwe camera effecten toe, maar ook een nieuwe attractie en scenery items.

De Vintage Pack is te bestellen op Steam.

Inhoud van de Vintage Pack
Het Vintage Pack voegt verschillende attracties, scenery items en geluiden toe. Wat er allemaal is toegevoegd lees je hieronder.

  • Zephyrus coaster - this classic wooden roller coaster with four benches per car allows for eight riders per car
  • Aces Sky coaster - a wooden bobsled coaster with trackless wooden half pipes
  • Round The World ride - get rocking and rolling on the most intense Ferris Wheel ride of all time
  • Loop Da Loop ride - buckle up and prepare to loop head over heels in this twin cabin inverting swinger
  • Test Flight ride - take off and practice your flying skills in this spinning, inverting plane ride
  • Hurricane ride - twisting action that’s so fast you’ll not know what is up or down!
  • Centrum ride - feel the excitement of spinning at high speed at a thrilling 50 degrees in this classic centrifuge ride
  • 4 vending machines - including popcorn and gumball machines, crane machine and Zoltan fortune machine
  • 103 building items - including tin panel walls and roofs, painted banners, baroque pillars and carnival trims
  • 18 animated scenery items - including trapeze artist displays, pipe organ, hot air balloon and barbershop quartet
  • 98 static scenery items - including lightbox lettering, decorative shapes, vintage path extras and a classic automobile
  • 15 special effects - including bees, butterflies, blossom and blowing leaves
  • 19 scenery blueprints - including baroque buildings, flowerbeds, a balloon landing and a trapeze performance
  • New audio - 17 new triggered sound effects, 9 new music tracks and 10 new ambiences
  • Propeller Hat and Boater Hat - for avatars and can be sold in the Hat's Fantastic shop

Nieuwe features voor alle spelers
Naast de Vintage Pack is de gratis update verschenen voor alle spelers. Deze gratis update bevat de volgende nieuwe features.

  • Vending Machines - cost effective alternatives to shops and fun small attractions for your guests
    - 4 of these are from Planet Coaster’s popular drinks brands – Gulpee, Pipshot, Street Fox Coffee and Cosmic Cow
    - Drinks from Vending Machines are smaller and the machines themselves cost less; effective when you don’t want guests to have the more rewarding experience of being served by a vendor at a shop
    - The Crane Game allows guests to win King Coaster plushies
    - Changing the chance of winning which will also impact how inviting the machine is to guests; make it fun and rewarding or rake in the cash
    - Vending Machines break down based on usage
  • Camera Effects - added over 30 camera effects to the game that allow you to change the colour grading of the scene
    - Access them next to the speed controls in the lower right
    - Choose a preset and its intensity, as well as how much vignette and film grain you desire
    - Press CTRL-G to hide the GUI for the perfect screenshot
    - All of these effects can be left on per park
    - Trigger these effects using the Ride Cam Time Machine introduced in 1.6; perfect for dark rides and out-of-this-world experiences
  • Staff Flexicolour - customise the uniforms of your staff members
    - Choose the colours of your Janitors, Mechanics, Security Guards and Vendors
  • Grouping Scenery - group scenery pieces together
    - Multi-select some scenery to group it together and move/rotate it as one group
    - If there is a build piece in the selection, this will become as a building as normal

Nieuwe attractie voor alle spelers
Ook is er een nieuwe attractie uitgekomen voor alle spelers. Dit is de Mouse Hunt coaster.

  • Mouse Hunt coaster - a historic wooden roller coaster, this coaster utilizes sharp corners and has little banking as well as a track piece that allows it to be aligned to the grid

Nieuwe scenery voor alle spelers
Tot slot is er ook nog scenery toegevoegd aan de gratis Planet Coaster update. Deze kan je hieronder vinden.

  • Added 4 drinks Vending Machines to the game for Planet Coaster's popular brands; Pipshot, Street Fox Cofee, Cosmic Cow and Gulpee
  • Added a Planet Coaster Crane Game as a side attraction
  • Added 16 flowers and plants to the game, along with 30 planter items and 4 sprinkler effects
  • Added over 50 coaster support pieces to augment your rides

Bekijk de volledige changelog hier.